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Unified Government of Wyandotte County - Kansas City, Kansas

Hello I am Tyrone Garner and I am honored to announce that I am running for Mayor CEO of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County Kansas City Kansas. I am running because like you, I love Wyandotte County and all the potential it holds for greatness. Leading up to me filing for office, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with everyday people in Wyandotte County. The reoccurring theme with the people I spoke with is that they are tired of misguided and disengaged leadership, they are tired of the years of broken promises, they are tired of an administration that does not provide for everyone equitably, they are tired of high taxes, they are tired of burdensome BPU bills, they are tired of not having the goods and services they deserve, they are tired of their voices being ignored, and for some, they are tired of riding the merry go round to absolutely nowhere. These everyday people I have spoken to are concerned about where we are headed as a community, and they should be. This campaign believes that Wyandotte County deserves better. 

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Tyrone Garner has lived in Wyandotte County for the majority of his adult life. Tyrone Garner has a son and grandchildren whom he holds dear to his heart. Tyrone Garner grew up in a Christian home where faith, family, education, and hard work were established as the centerpiece of his life. Tyrone Garner is a devout Christian that notes God’s divine direction and grace as a pinnacle throughout his life journey. 

Tyrone Garner is the eldest of his siblings, and graduated from Wyandotte High School. After graduation, Mr. Garner went on to join the Kansas City Kansas Police Department as a police cadet. After being met with a budget related layoff, Mr. Garner joined the United States Army where he served in Germany, Texas, and Kansas. Upon being honorably discharged from the military, Mr. Garner went back to work with the Kansas City Kansas Police department. Mr. Garner, through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, quickly moved up the ranks, and was the youngest recorded African American promoted to the ranks of Detective, Captain, Major, and Deputy Police Chief of Police within the Kansas City Kansas Police Department. Mr. Garner was the first and only African American KCK Police Officer to attend and graduate from the prestigious FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia and was the first African American male Commander to ever command the western portion of KCKS.


For a reimagined Wyandotte County vote August 3rd – November 2nd


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This campaign for change values your support

I’d love to hear your questions, comments or concerns about the Wyandotte County community. 

Please reach out to me if you need any assistance or want to share your priorities with me. 

You can email me at info@garnerformayor.com for any issues or to meet with me individually. The form is also available if you would like your voice to be heard. Options to volunteer are available but not required to contact the campaign.

Please invite me to speak at your next upcoming meeting or event to allow me the opportunity to share my commitments and vision of a re-imagined Wyandotte county.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for engaging in our campaign.

– Tyrone Garner